Rabbi Dovid Sapirman
Founding Director

Rabbi Dovid Sapirman is a former talmid of the Philadelphia, Ponivez, and Lakewood Yeshivos. During his forty three years in the chinuch field, he has been a melamed, magid shiur, public speaker, and worked extensively in kiruv rechokim and kiruv k’rovim. In the last three decades, he has invested considerable effort in reinforcing the core of emunah in the hearts of Yisroel Kedoshim. . These activities have enabled him to get a close up view of the need for chizuk in emunah among our youth, and also to devise some methods of imparting emunah that have proven to inspire talmidim and talmidos to increased devotion to HaShem and His Torah.

In 2009, Rabbi Sapirman founded the Ani Ma’amin Foundation. This mosad is dedicated to spreading chizuk in emunah to Bnei Torah everywhere: youth, parents, and mechanchim alike. In only a few years the Ani Maamin Foundation has held presentations for over 20,000 people around the world. Rabbi Sapirman has also produced three series of CDs on inyanei emunah which have already strengthened the emunah of thousands.



Rabbi Pinchos Jung
Senior Lecturer

Until his arrival to New York in mid-1999, Rabbi Pinchos Jung was deeply involved in Chinuch in London for many decades. Including a wide spectrum of mosdos ranging from boys’ and girls’ high schools to shiurim for adults and several years at NW London’s thriving JLE Kiruv program.

On arrival in NY, Rabbi Jung began giving shiurim at Yeshivas Kol Yaakov and accepted the position of Menahel Ruchni at Monsey’s esteemed Bais Rochel High School for Girls. Rabbi Jung also spoke frequently in many mosdos ha’Torah across the Tri-State area, and was an advisor to mentors in the “Partners in Torah” program. Gradually, his involvement in chinuch ha’bonos broadened considerably. In 2006 he launched the “Ohr Esther” evening program for girls, essentially educational, but also providing recreational activities for high school and ex-seminary students.

In 2009, Rabbi Jung joined hands with Rabbi Sapirman who launched the Ani Maamin Foundation. Both feel that it is essential to boost emuna primarily among youth in the frum community, as many youngsters in the system today appear to lack the ability to articulate emunah to themselves in a mature fashion. Rabbi Jung has conducted many successful sessions in schools, camps and at Shabbatonim, training teachers, guiding parents, and holding Q&A sessions for teenagers. These sessions sometimes continue for hours, and have proven to really instill clarity and passion in hearts of the participants.