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Chanuka Special!

Please enjoy this valuable resource that will help your children and talmidim gain a deeper understanding of the background and history of Chanuka.

A Historical Background to Chanuka

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Know What to Answer Yourself – Part 1
Emunah: The Test Of Our Time is the first lecture of the recently revised series entitled, Know What to Answer to Yourself. This lecture will introduce the series and explain the great benefit of serving Hashem with a strong conviction in Emunah.

New Sample: You Had A Revelation – Part 1
A fascinating substantiation of Maamad Har Sinai and Torah Min Hashamayim from the recently revised series Know What to Answer to Yourself (14 Hours).

AMF – Baderech Interview
A brief interview with Rabbi Dovid Sapirman on the Baderech radio program discussing the need to be mechazek Emunah in the frum community and the Ani Maamin Foundation.

Yiddish – Rabbi Jung – Ki Lo Naid Sheker L’baneinu
Rav Pinchos Jung speaks on the topic כי לא נעיד שקר לבנינו this lecture will strengthen emunah and give clarity in our mesorah. [אידיש]


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