Transmitting The Passion to Our Children

by Rabbi Dovid Sapirman

New video for parents by Rabbi Dovid Sapirman entitled; “Transmitting The Passion to Our Children”.

Duration 1:01:43

(Note: Those that already watched segment one, can begin at 5:13 for the continuation)

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“A Must For Every Parent!”

Rabbi Dovid Engel

Menahel, Toronto Cheder


“Unbelievable! Incomparable to anything else!”
Ellis J. Safdeye

RebbiAteret Torah


This short video introduces the Ani Maamin Foundation, its mission and its programs. Following the trailer is a brief message from Rabbi Dovid Sapirman, explaining the essential need to strengthen the Ikrei Emunah in Klal Yisroel. (Duration 3:24)