Know What to Answer to Yourself

CD1: Know What to Answer to Yourself – New!


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Know What to Answer to Yourself  - Recently revised and expanded!

By: R’ Dovid Sapirman


The knowledge that there is a Creator Who gave us a Torah at Har Sinai is the very foundation of Judaism. This ten hour series demonstrates these concepts in a lucid and compelling manner. These lectures are a must for students, educators, and every Jew. (14 Audio CD’s)              


●      The many spectacular aspects of the universe that testify to a Creator

●      Where the evolutionists went wrong (and why they believe in it anyway)

●      Incontrovertible evidence for the Revelation at Sinai and Torah Min Hashomayim

●      The startling reason why so many Jews have been lost to Torah observance

●      Astounding predictions from the Torah… that all came true


What others are saying about “Know What to Answer to Yourself:


Lechvod  Rabbi Sapirman Shlita,
I am writing this letter after I listened to the series entitles “Know What to Answer to Yourself” I hope this letter will convey the tremendous effect it had on me, my life, the life of my family, my simchas hachayim, and my performance of mitzvos.


I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for the amazing lectures which were a complete eye-opener to me, although I was raised and born in a very Chassidish family, right here in Monsey, New York. I truly believe that this series is what I have been looking for so long, and will be the start of a life changing experience. Thanks you so much!

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