The Ani Maamin Foundation — History and Mission

The Ani Maamin Foundation was created five and a half years ago. Its aim is to fulfill a vital need for our generation.

The outside world brings many negative influences, in terms of materialism, the Internet, and the immorality which confronts us constantly. Few things could be more important for our children and talmidim than making sure that they have the clarity of Emunah to carry them through the various nisyonos of everyday life. 

In the years since Ani Maamin was founded, we have seen that presenting the clarity of emunah  inspires and strengthens our talmidim as they continue to grow as Jews and as b’nei Torah.

Mission Statement of the Ani Maamin Foundation

The Ani Maamin Foundation is dedicated to reinforcing the core of emunah that already lies within the hearts of Yisroel Kedoshim. 

Through our courses and presentations, we strive to enable all of Klal Yisroel to articulate emunah to themselves in a mature fashion, to ensure that this clarity will accompany the steadfast mesorah that has maintained us throughout the generations. 

Our goal is that this clarity will inspire our talmidim and talmidos to increased devotion to HaShem and His Torah. 

May it the will of HaKadosh Baruch Hu that together with the parents and mechanchim of our dear talmidim, we will be zocheh to strengthen the emunah of our generation. 

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