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Here’s what others are saying about the ‘Pulse Of Emunah’:

I started last week giving it to the boys take it home erev shabbos attached to the yeshiva newsletter and I plan on continuing (hopefully every week).

Asher Schwab, Yeshiva Degel Hatorah

We give out The Pulse of Emunah  in our weekly newsletter. We send all around Austraila

KT , MD 

I  am greatly enjoying your newsletter! Not too long- clear- gives us what to talk and think about – written in a positive way that gives one cheshik to internalize- nice graphic work makes the reading pleasant – tizku limitzvos!

E shapira

I am the extra curriculum director in a school and am distributing it to the teachers there.

Bobov Girls School

I love your articles. They are infused with wisdom and provide much needed inspiration in these challenging times. May you continue to inspire and elevate Klal Yisrael in good health. Thank you!!!

Rachma Friedenberg


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Recordings from Back To The Basics: Rekindling The Fire

For MP3 audio recording click below:

Part 1: presented on Motzei Shabbos Feb 20th

Part 2: presented on Motzei Shabbos Feb 27th

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Rabbi Dovid Sapirman
Dean, Ani Maamin Foundation, author of the highly acclaimed audio series “Know What to Answer you Yourself”, and the newly released book “Emunah A Refresher Course”.

Rabbi Pinchos Jung
Senior Lecturer, Ani Maamin Foundation, and World renowned lecturer on Emunah and hashkafa topics.


Some of the topics addressed:

How living with Emunah sweetens one’s life

Being proud to be a Jew

Learning to connect through Tefilah

This World and the Next

Tracing the Mesorah back to the beginning

Shabbos, the foundation of our faith

Mitzvos that have lost their meaning

and much much more…


This new shiur was given this week by Rabbi Dovid Sapirman on the topic of Tisha B’Av and the nine days.

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Recognizing Hashem’s Signature

May we be zocheh to the coming of Moshiach speedily in our days.

We have been counting down the days towards Shavuos, preparing ourselves to once again receive the Torah from Hashem.

As usual, Rabbi Sapirman offers us insight and inspiration into the coming Yom Tov, allowing us to understand and appreciate the opportunity it presents us in our relationship with Hashem.


Click here to play the new Shavuos lecture!

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!גוט יום טוב

Just in time for Purim Rabbi Sapirman has once again delivered a fascinating shiur that will provide insight into this exciting Yom Tov.

Divrei Hatzomos V’za’akasam

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 Wishing you a freilechen Purim!

In honor of parshas Yisro we are pleased to present you with a powerful new presentation on Maamad Har Sinai.

YOU Had A Revelation 

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Chanukah is a יום טוב that is sometimes underappreciated, and misunderstood by many.

Once again, Rabbi Sapirman takes you on a fascinating journey into the history of Chanukah, revealing the true meaning behind this this special יום טוב.

New Audio Lecture: The Real History Of Chanukah

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We hope you enjoy this inspiring lecture, and thank you for your continued partnership in our mission to enable all of Klal Yisroel to articulate their emunah with clarity and conviction.

Wishing you א ליכטיגן חנוכה!

Ani Maamin Foundation visits Australia 

During the last weeks of August, Rabbi Pinchos Jung, a senior lecturer for the Ani Maamin Foundation, visited Sydney and Melbourne for a whirlwind series of speeches and presentations that underscored the vital importance of strengthening Emunah and highlighting the work of the Ani Maamin Foundation in our generation.


The Foundation is the brain child of Rabbi Dovid Sapirman from Toronto, Canada. It was founded after Rabbi Sapirman delivered an impassioned presentation at the annual Torah Umesorah Convention in May 2008, which received overwhelmingly positive feedback. The lecture was entitled ‘Teaching Emunah to the Next Generation’ and was predicated by the suggestion that our generation may be in need of considerable reinforcement in the very foundations on which our whole lives should be built.A tall skyscraper can only be constructed on deep and strong foundations. So, too, the younger generation can only ‘reach for the sky’ if they have first built firm unshakeable foundations of Emunah in Hashem and in His Torah.


The trip was organized by Rabbi Shmuel Yosef Hochhauser, Chaplain of the Adass Israel School in Melbourne. Rabbi Hochhauser attended a presentation by Rabbi Pinchos Jung, a senior lecturer at the Ani Maamin Foundation in 2010. In his presentation Rabbi Jung underlined the need for greater focus on the Ikrei Emunah in our generation and outlined how any mechanech with minimal training can be very effective in this area. From that day on Rabbi Hochhauser dreamt of the day he would bring this crucial message to the kehillos of Sydney and Melbourne. This August the dream was fulfilled when Rabbi Jung, himself a mechanech with many years’ experience, came to visit Australia.


The sheer extent of the presentations were nothing short of herculean. In Sydney, Rabbi Jung spoke in the Adass Shul, to the Baltimore Bochurim SEED program, and in the Ohr Hatzafon Shul. He then travelled on to Melbourne, where he spent two full weeks. He gave shiurim over tw o Shabbasos, a session for post seminary girls, a workshop for parents of the community in both Yiddsh and English, a drosho in the Lakewood KollelBeisHatalmud and the Beis Hamidrash Heichal Hatorah, and a roundtable with community leaders of the Rabbinical Council of Victoria. Rabbi Jung also gave presentations to students in three different high schools, and more than six middle and primary schools including many Q&A sessions. He met in private with local Dayanim, Rabonim, and Mechanchim to help them institute programs to strengthen kedusha in the community. The highlight of the trip was  a twelve hour training course for over one hundred mechanchim, given over the course of four days.

Following his compelling presentations, there was a general agreement that Rabbi Jung and the Ani Maamin Foundation had provided an excellent and much needed resource.Rabbi Jung intends to continue working with the contacts that he has made in Australia to continue strengthening the foundations of the next generation.



Some of the feedback received from students and Mechanchim:


  • • I have learned that someone is listening
  • • My Tefillos mean something
  • • I do not have to be afraid to ask questions
  • • I am special
  • • I am proud to be a frum girl
  • • I feel empowered to answer questions of people who challenge me.


May this trip be the beginning of a general awareness of Emunah, to strengthen our faith and conviction in Hashem Yisborach and His Mitzvos.


Special thanks to the Yated and Hamodia for publishing this article.

Hamodia – Australia Visit

Yated – Australia Visit

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To listen by  phone: Call 212.444.1323 and press 2

Be empowered to transmit the mesorah of Ma’amad Har Sinai so that it becomes entrenched in the hearts and minds of our children.


Click here to listen to an extended presentation on Ma’amad Har Sinai 
entitled; You Had A Revelation Pt.1

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Chavrusos have been arranged

Cheesecake has been baked

Flowers have been bought

But are you ready?

At the end of the 40 years in the midbar, Moshe Rabbeinu instructed Klal Yisroel;
“…..והדעתם לבניך ולבני בניך, יום אשר עמדת לפני ד’ אלהיך בחורב….”
“….Make it known to your children and your children’s children. The day that you stood before Hashem at Har Sinai….”
Let us use the yom tov of Kabolas Hatorah to strengthen and solidify our children’s link to Har Sinai.

Join the Ani Maamin Foundation for a FREE pre-Shavuos tele-conference given by Rabbi Dovid Sapirman Shlit”a.
Be empowered to transmit the mesorah of Ma’amad Har Sinai, so that it becomes entrenched in the hearts and minds of our children.

The Pesach tele-conference was listened to by thousands of people! Make sure not to miss this special presentation. Inspire your children for the rest of their lives!

This Sunday night, June 1st at 9:45 PM (EST)
Call in – 212.444.1323 Option 9

“I have listed to the shiurim many times, and every time I feel it strengthens my understanding of ma’amad Har Sinai and what an unbelievable mesorah we have!”
(From a Rebbitzen who has heard the Ani Maamin presentation about Ma’amad Har Sinai)

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